Uti Vår Hage

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As the Swedish folk song Uti Vår Hage goes, “Vill du mig något, så träffas vi där”. This inspired us to expand on the notion of a “garden”, to encourage communal use and interaction between neighbours. The garden as a shared resource has been carried through to all external green spaces in the project, most significantly in the central Trädgård, but also in courtyard spaces and landscape edges, providing an integrated network of routes and spaces for play and recreation.

Uti Vår Hage presents a vision for a compact and sustainable new development of a significant location between Bjärred and Borgeby. The concept is driven by an interest in car-free mobility, social recreation, local participation and organic growth, with the ambition to establish this new area of Bjärred as a vibrant destination for living and recreation: a good place to live.


Bjärred, Sweden, 2018
Team: Balazs Fekete,
Brigitta Hajdu, Roberto Carlucci, Robin Søndergaard


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