Europan 14 - Islander

Karlskrona, historically a naval city established in 1680 to demonstrate Sweden’s naval powers toward Denmark, has had a key role in national and European realpolitik. Today, Karlskrona is the home port of the Swedish navy and as such maintains its strong connection with maritime endeavours.

However, infrastructures of mobility, represented by the arrival oft he railway, and later the highway, have blurred the boundaries between the city and the sea. Trossö, part of the Blekinge archipelago, tells a story about an island that is in danger of becoming a peninsula, undermining in many ways Karlskrona as a city looking outwards to the sea by strengthening its apparent dependence on the mainland.

What can be done in the short term to connect Hattholmen with its context and encourage citizens to familiarise with the site?• How do we make sure that Karlskrona’s ambitions for the architectural and urban qualities of this new part of Trossö are met in the long term?


Hattholmen, Sweden, 2017
Team: Roberto Carlucci, Germana Trione, Chris Scaplehorn, Robin Søndergaard

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