Europan 13 - Møllendal West

From pilot project to regional implementation

2nd prize of 52 submitted entries to the European architecture competition Europan 13.

From the jury report:

The project Møllendal West gains distinction with its proposal on developing a non-profit housing strategy in Bergen that challenges the traditional property development in Norway. The premise of the proposal is the conviction that the current housing shortage and rise in prices is partly due to lack of innovation. The project studies the desire of the population as well as existing economic, financial and political models of development and counteracts the current situation by suggesting implementation of a cooperative housing model. The urban scheme suggests a density somewhere between the city and suburbia by mixing two typologies.


Competition, 2nd prize
Bergen, Norway, 2015
Team: Arne Bassøe-Eriksen, Chris Scaplehorn, Robin Søndergaard

Final Project axo.jpg

The project is seen as a strong comment on how to build a neighbourhood in a fast growing city. In this sense, the proposal is complimentary to the winning proposal that pinpoints important aspects to consider for the municipality when developing Grønneviksøren as a pilot project.

The aspects of landownership and the possibility of public leasing of the land to private housing co-operatives to achieve more affordable housing near the city centre has not been discussed in the municipal plan. In this sense, the project raises a relevant political discussion that could inform the process of developing the Europan site or other municipally owned sites in the city.


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