Conditions of connection – let’s meet at the swings!

The keywords behind the proposal are interaction, awareness and identity: the structure is based on the belief that architecture can communicate awareness around the consequence of actions, and that sustainable attitude can derive from the interaction with the proposed structure.

The timber structure is really a giant set of swings embedded in the slope towards the site’s highest point, and seeks to unify a potentially chaotic festival venue through the recognition and enhancement of Tøyenparken’s two most obvious inherent qualities: the topographical progression and the beautiful view of Oslo towards the West.

The swings appeals to the curiosity and encourages interaction; it is a place where people can agree to meet at when they are lost, watch the sunset, or just have a drink while looking out at the crowds of people and on-stage performances. To take full advantage of this fact the concept is basic: Each swing-set will be connected to a dynamo generating energy according to how much people use the swings. The energy generated will be saved till night time, when a set of spotlights will then light up either weak or strong depending on how much energy people generated during the day. By making the spotlights visible from far away the structure becomes a landmark.

The potential of the swings lays in the notion of time; that the pavilion will become an icon of the Øya festival, communicating the festival’s ideals and the potential of renewable energy to the public on an all-year round basis.



Competition project
Oslo NO, 2012